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4 Easy Ways to Practice “Good Neighbor Etiquette”

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lady with a drill and man trying to sleep

There are dozens of benefits to living in an apartment home, one of which is the unique community that multifamily housing offers. But between work, family, and maintaining a social life, it can be hard to build positive relationships with your neighbors. Thankfully, transitioning from being a neighbor to a friend is much easier than most people think.

Are you ready to be a better neighbor to the people in your apartment community? Take a look at these four tips.

Simple Manners

All too often, people become consumed with their day to day lives and unknowingly ignore tenants in their community. By simply smiling and saying “hello” to other residents, you can begin to build positive relationships.

Mind Quiet Hours

There’s no better way to bother your neighbors than by playing loud music (or arguing with a roommate) during the middle of the night. Although staying quiet during night hours seems like common sense, most apartment communities enforce “quiet hours” to ensure all residents have a serene environment to call home. Any “get-togethers” or celebrations should conclude before quiet hours begin. If your event is scheduled to run late, remind your guests to keep voices and music down so you don’t bother your neighbors.

Keep in mind that your neighbors have the right to file a noise complaint with local law enforcement if they feel you are being too loud during quiet hours.

Offer Help

Another easy way to be a better apartment neighbor is by simply offering help when you see others in need. No, you don’t need to bake everyone in the community a batch of cookies. However, showing neighbors that you care and are there for them can make a big difference in the way they respond to you. Find small ways to be of service to the people in your community, such as helping an elderly tenant carry in groceries or assisting a new resident move heavy furniture.

Respect their Space

In most apartment communities, residents and their neighbors share common areas such as walkways or lawn space. It’s important to remember that common areas are there for all the residents to use. Any personal belongings should be cleaned up immediately after using the space. Tenants who share front lawns or walkway space should avoid using disruptive furniture or home decorations. Do you have an issue with the way a neighbor is maintaining common space?  Speak with that tenant directly before filing a complaint at your office.

Having good neighborly etiquette is an essential part of living happily in an apartment complex. By being mindful of common space, respecting quiet hours, and offering help and kindness to your neighbors, you can enjoy a serene and peaceful home life in whichever community you choose to lease from.

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