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4 Tips for Working Out at Home

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We’ve been without our gyms for a while now, and it can seem as if working out at home hasn’t gotten any easier. It can be difficult to feel motivated in a setting where we typically don’t exercise! If you usually go to a gym, a yoga studio, or a cycle studio, it can be tricky to stick to those exercises at home. Perhaps you don’t have the proper equipment or aren’t sure where to start. However, there are many ways we can work out at home! If you’re having difficulty getting back in the swing of things, check out our tips for working out at home!

1) Designate a Space for Your Workouts

Our living rooms and bedrooms have likely become our new gyms. Although there probably isn’t a ton of space to work with, designating one area as your workout area will help you to stay motivated in knowing, “This is where the workouts happen.” Place a mat or any equipment you may have in a corner of your living room. Set up your new “home gym” however you like, perhaps in a space with a lot of natural light, so that you can stay as motivated as possible!

2) Get At-Home Workout Equipment

When we think of working out, we often think about equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines. However, you don’t need to purchase expensive machines just to get a good workout! In fact, there is plenty of cost-effective workout equipment. TRX Bands offer you a full-body workout and can be set up anywhere from a tree outside to a door in your apartment. Additionally, that’s all the equipment you will need! Another simple yet effective piece of equipment are resistance bands. Use resistance bands for a variety of workouts to add a challenge. Other effective workout equipment includes BOSU Balls, Exercise Balls, hand weights or ankle weights, and jump ropes. There is plenty of low-cost, effective workout equipment, and many different workouts you can choose from.

3) Online Videos

If you enjoy instruction during your workouts, there are many different online videos that tell you step by step what you should be doing during each exercise. Additionally, you can choose exercises that don’t require weights if you don’t have access to any. This way, you don’t have to make up your next move yourself, and can focus on simply doing what the instructor tells you! If you have a gym membership, many gyms are currently offering online class instruction. If you don’t belong to a gym, YouTube has endless online workout videos that you can follow along as well!

4) Workout Apps

Another alternative to the gym is to get a workout app. In fact, there are many home workout apps that don’t require weights or equipment so you can achieve a successful workout! The Peloton app is typically $13 a month, but they are offering a free 90-day trial. This app offers videos for yoga, strength, cardio, and more for an effective home workout. Another app is the Nike Training Club app. It’s free and offers home workouts while also allowing you to set an ongoing workout schedule. In addition to these two apps, there are a variety of other workout apps you can try.

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

Just remember to be respectful of your neighbors, especially if you have people living below you. If you’re typically a 6am workout person and you want to maintain that schedule, you may need to take your workout outside. Also, consider using earbuds or headphones if you like to play your workout music loudly. Not everyone in your apartment building may share your taste in music, and many residents are now working from home which requires relative quiet and concentration.

Although working out at home is drastically different than going to the gym or an exercise class, there are many ways to remain motivated at home. With all of the technology our world encompasses today, take a virtual workout class! Or, find the perfect at-home workout equipment to spice up your daily workout routines. Find what works best for you, so that you stay motivated while you are working out at home.

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