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4 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Being Destructive

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You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Renters with dogs come home to find that their pet has torn up their sofa, a favorite pair of shoes, or (even worse) their flooring. Do you know how to stop your dog from being destructive? There are many reasons pets turn to destructive behaviors while their owners aren’t home. However, the most common reasons include anxiety, boredom or teething. Now, you hopefully understand the primary reasons dogs turn to destructive behaviors. Next, let’s take a look at the four things you can do to stop your dog from being destructive!

Invest in Chew Toys

Contrary to popular belief, chew toys aren’t just for play time. Dog trainers often recommend bones and squeaky toys to prevent destructive habits. They also can teach pets proper indoor behavior. If your puppy (or older dog) has a bad habit of chewing on household items, channel that behavior into an acceptable chew toy by swapping out the “bad” object for a “good” alternative, like a Bully Stick or Rawhide bone.

Give your Pet Exercise

There’s a lot of truth to the saying “a tired dog is a happy dog.” By simply giving your pet more exercise each day, you’ll notice an enormous difference in the amount of excess energy they have; but remember, mental exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Try to pick activities that offer your pet mental stimulation as well as physical exertion. Informal recall games or organized activities like fly ball are both excellent options for the overactive pet.

Consider Crate Training

If you’re living with a high energy pet that has a number of bad habits, “crate training” may be an option. Dog crates are essentially portable wire kennels that offer your pet a safe, confined place to spend time alone. Many dog trainers recommend this method for indoor pets that aren’t potty trained, or who have a bad habit of chewing up the home when their owners are gone. While some people believe that kennel training is unethical, most trainers agree that it’s a humane and safe option. However, they must follow training guidelines.

Consider Training Classes

When a dog is being destructive, there are often underlying reasons for them doing so. No dog simply decides to be destructive for the sake of tearing things apart. If your pet is having trouble potty training or chewing on the proper toys, investing in training could help save your apartment (and your security deposit!)

Many apartments in Waldorf, Virginia allow pets. However, it’s always a renter’s responsibility to keep their home free from pet stains or excessive wear and tear. By ensuring your pet channels their energy in productively, you can reduce the chances of a torn carpet or ruined clothing.

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