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6 of the Best & Easiest Plants for Apartments

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Adding plants can be a great way to make your apartment more inviting, but to have success with houseplants, it’s important to choose the right kind of plants. We’ll not only tell you about some of the great benefits of growing plants in your home, but will also tell you about six of the best houseplants for apartments. And the timing couldn’t be better. National Houseplant Appreciation Day is Saturday, January 10th.

How Do Plants Improve Your Indoor Space?

While plants have too many benefits to cover in depth here, we did want to briefly mention some of the biggest benefits indoor plants provide. Plants bring nature indoors and add color and beauty to your home décor. They also have health benefits. Plants make the air cleaner by reducing carbon dioxide levels and even reduce dust and other air pollutants. Some scientific research has even shown that plants help to improve productivity.

The Best Plants for Apartments

If you’re new to growing houseplants, here are six of the best plants for apartments that are easy to grow and to keep alive, but don’t require a lot of space.

1) Aloe Vera

This hearty, spiky-looking succulent doesn’t require a lot of care and can be grown in a small pot. Just water it occasionally and provide it with a lot of sun. The liquid inside the spiky leaves can even be used on your skin, scalp, and hair as a conditioner, and it is often used to soothe mild burns.

2) Bromeliad

If you want an exotic plant that will produce beautiful tropical-looking blooms but doesn’t require a lot of care, try the Bromeliad. It makes an excellent houseplant if you have a sunny spot or window, as it requires a lot of light to thrive. Some species grow fairly large so look for a species that won’t grow too big when plant shopping. You can even put it outside on your balcony in a pot during warmer months when temperatures don’t drop to freezing.

3) Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is another beautiful flowering plant that’s easy to grow in small spaces indoors. This plant actually prefers indirect rather than bright light. That means it can grow in rooms that get a lot of light without having to be in a window.

4) Jade Plant

Another succulent, this plant doesn’t like a lot of water. It grows slowly and can live a long time in small pots, but it does require full sun so it should be placed in front of a window.

5) Peace Lily

This tall houseplant not only has lovely blooms, but doesn’t require a lot of light. It actually prefers low light so it’s great for rooms without a lot of windows or space in front of windows. They like moisture so you’ll need to water it about once a week. It will sag slightly when it’s thirsty so you’ll know when it’s time.

6) Kentia Palm

If you’re looking for a large houseplant that will eventually grow taller than five feet but is easy to grow, the Kentia palm is perfect. It can be grown in indirect light so it doesn’t have to be in front of a window. It also prefers dry soil in the winter so it doesn’t require a lot of water. In the warm months, it will need to be watered more often to keep the soil moist.

Good Luck Growing Plants in Your Apartment!

We hope you’ve learned something new about plants for apartments and that you have great success growing these and other houseplants in your living space. Live in the center of it all in Waldorf, MD. At Center Pointe, we love providing our residents with helpful information to help them manage their busy lives. Our residents have easy access to shopping, entertainment, and great schools. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour and see why we are a Top Rated apartment community on ApartmentRatings!

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