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6 Waldorf Apartment Features Every Renter Should Look For

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When compared to the responsibilities of owning your own home, it’s obvious how convenient renting really is. Not only are renters safe from costly home repairs, they also have a variety of apartment features such as the luxury of an on-site maintenance team, helpful management, and a secure community.

But can an apartment offer everything that you really need to make a home? We think so – as long as long as you don’t make the mistake of settling for an apartment community that doesn’t meet your expectations. In a haste to secure an apartment, many renters forget to prioritize their own list of “must have’s,” which later results in dissatisfaction and frustration.

Make sure your next apartment feels like home by looking for these 6 apartment features every renter should look for while viewing a property.

Washer / Dryer Hookups

The ability to do laundry in your own home (instead of the laundry mat) is almost essential for modern-day renters. Thankfully, many apartments in Waldorf, Maryland offer hookups (and occasionally included appliances) in their units.

Storage Space

Let’s face it – everyone tends to wind up with more belongings than we have space to store. Before signing your next lease, look over the amount of storage space the unit offers in the common areas, bathrooms, and kitchen.


One of the reasons people choose to rent is because it lowers their cost of living expenses. By moving into an apartment that already includes appliances like a dishwasher or refrigerator, you can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Cooking Space

Having enough cooking space is essential for people who enjoy cooking at home or entertaining guests. While renters in big cities like New York or San Francisco are often forced to deal with minimalist kitchens, apartments in Waldorf are equipped with a sizable cooking area. Additionally, they provide a spacious food storage area.

Good Lighting

Good lighting isn’t one of the apartment features you often consider, but it’s essential to a beautiful and functional apartment. Don’t strain your eyes struggling to see in dim light! If your current apartment does offer enough lighting for your needs, supplement it with a stand-up lamp.


Another feature that few renters think about is insulation. Not only does a well -insulated apartment improve your quality of life, it also reduces your monthly utility costs. In a place like Virginia, having a well-insulated apartment is critical to fighting off the bitter cold of winter months.

Finding an apartment that meets all of the criteria listed above will likely be difficult and time consuming, but the benefits of a well-designed home are well worth the effort. Remember: the most common “must haves” include storage space, cooking room, and a washer and dryer hook-up in the unit; but beyond that, you should also look for a home that offers adequate lighting and a modern design.
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