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Add These Books to Your 2021 Reading List!

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2020 has luckily come and gone, and a new year is finally here! This year, instead of watching Netflix for hours on end after work, perhaps you can adopt a new habit: reading! While it’s incredibly tempting to scroll through social media before bed or binge-watch your favorite show, reading before provides many benefits. In fact, it can promote a better night’s sleep and reduce stress levels. This year, try to incorporate at least 10 minutes of reading before bed. To get you started, check out these books to add to your 2021 reading list!

The Happy Ever After Playlist

Sloan is still mourning her fiance’s death from two years ago when a rambunctious lost dog named Tucker’s inserts himself in her life. After two weeks of no response from Tucker’s owner, Sloan decides to keep him. When Jason, Tucker’s owner, returns from a remote backpacking trip to Sloan’s texts and voicemail messages and wants his dog back, Sloan is reluctant to give up her new best friend. Fortunately, Sloan and Jason hit it off as well, making Sloan the happiest she’s been since the devastating loss of her fiance. But Jason, who is actually a rising folk singer, is about to leave for an international tour. Will Sloan lose Tucker, Jason, and her newfound happiness?

A Children’s Bible

Twelve children accompany their parents to a lakeside mansion for their vacation. While their parents are gallivanting with liquor and drugs, the children seemingly take care of themselves. When a catastrophic storm descends, the parents are useless. The children decide to fend for themselves and run away, with Eve, the main character, and the older kids leading the younger. The scene around them begins to mimic what is occurring in the Bible that Eve’s younger brother totes around. Follow a thrilling, heart-breaking adventure as the children navigate the chaos.

They Wish They Were Us

Everything seems perfectly in place in Gold Coast Long Island, from the beautiful beaches to the people. Jill Newman, the main character, is in Gold Coast Prep’s secret society, making her top of the food chain along with her best friends. Senior year seems as if it’s off to a good start until a haunting memory is brought back up. Freshman year, Jill’s best friend Shiela was murdered by her boyfriend, Graham. Now, years later, Jill is receiving mysterious texts claiming that Graham is innocent. Follow Jill as she digs deeper into the mystery of her friend’s death.

28 Summers

Lying on her death bed, Mallory instructs her son Link to call the number on a slip of paper from her desk drawer. The man who answers is Jake McCloud, husband to the 2020 Presidential election front runner. Link’s mother and Jason have a history that began in 1993 when she hosted her brother’s bachelor party at her beachfront cottage in Nantucket and has persevered through twenty-eight summers. Best selling author Elin Hilderbrand wows readers again with this story of bittersweet, enduring love.


Lacey and her alcoholic mother live in drought-stricken Peaches, California. The residents have turned to cult leader Pastor Vern to help them. He’s convinced them that if they perform their secret “assignments,” he can rid the town of the drought. However, things take a turn when her mother is exiled from the cult, and Lacey is forced to live with her grandmother. As Lacey uncovers Pastor Vern’s questionable and disastrous plan of action, she decides she must escape and search for her mother.

The Jetsetters

Charlotte Perkins, a 70-year-old mother of 3, applies to a contest to win a cruise for her family in hopes to reunite her estranged, grown children. After she wins the cruise, everyone packs their bags and heads on a vacation cruising through Europe. Secrets, memories, and more are all uncovered during this sort of family reunion.

The Illness Lesson

Samuel Hood and his daughter, Caroline, founded a promising school that provides education to young women. When a mysterious flock of red birds approaches the town, students at the school are overwhelmed with rashes, seizures, night wanderings, and more. Taken over by panic, Samuel doesn’t want to disclose this information to the girls’ parents, ignoring Caroline’s request. Instead, Samuel asks a sinister physician to take over. When Caroline starts to fall ill, she realizes she has to take matters into her own hands to protect herself and the girls of the school.

Whether you’re looking for a light read or a book full of twists and turns, you’ll want to add one of these books to your 2021 reading list! If you can’t decide which to read, why not read them all?

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