am I ready for a pet

Am I Ready For a Pet?

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Animals make wonderful companions. Many people grew up with cats and dogs, so they hold a special place in our hearts. However, pet ownership requires a great deal of time, responsibility, patience, and financial resources. If you find yourself asking, “Am I ready for a pet?” follow this checklist of considerations we’ve put together.

How many hours a day do I plan to be away from my apartment?

Depending on how far away you work from Center Pointe, coming home over lunch to take a dog out may not be an option. Older dogs can be fine being left alone for eight hours, but locking a rambunctious puppy in their crate from early in the morning until you get home from work isn’t fair to the pup or your neighbors who might be home during the day. Cats generally don’t mind whether you’re home or not, so leaving them home alone all day probably won’t be an issue.

What’s my budget for caring for my pet?

There are all kinds of hidden costs associated with having a pet. A few include:

  • Routine vet bills
  • Health emergencies
  • Monthly heartworm and flea/tick medications
  • Grooming
  • Food
  • Daycare/Boarding costs
  • Toys
  • Cat litter or doggie bags

Am I willing to invest time in training my new pet?

Some dogs from shelters come already trained, but others require a great deal of attention to teach them not to bark, jump, nibble, and have potty accidents. Of course, all puppies need training. Before bringing a pup home, make sure you’re willing to spend the necessary time training him or her.

Where will my pet stay when I go out of town?

Cats are generally more independent creatures than dogs, but even if you leave your feline friend at home when you go out of town, you must make arrangements with someone to check on them at least once a day to make sure their needs are met. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be boarded or stay with a pet sitter. This requires planning ahead to make sure accommodations are made well in advance. Kennels fill up and pet sitters aren’t always available.

Do the other people living in my apartment also want a pet or mind if I get one?

If you share your living space with another person, consulting them before bringing a pet home is essential. Discuss who will be responsible for caring for the pet, any allergies, or personal preferences when it comes to living with animals.

How will I exercise my pet?

This is a crucial consideration in deciding whether or not you’re ready for a pet. Dogs who aren’t adequately exercised act out by barking and destroying things — both unacceptable behaviors in an apartment community. Some ways to exercise your dog are:

  • Dog parks
  • Long walks
  • Runs
  • Daycare

If you’ve thought through each of these considerations and have a solid plan for caring for your new pet, you’re ready to bring home a fur baby! Check out our sister property’s blog articles Who Rescued Who? To Be Continued… and Who Rescued Who? Part II to learn about rescuing animals in Charles County.

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