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Beach Checklist: Don’t Forget These Essentials!

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The word “summer” immediately brings to mind images of colorful umbrellas, lapping ocean waves, and crumbly sand. Before you hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend with a car full of summer tunes, friends, and snacks, take a glance at this checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Beach Checklist

Umbrella: This item is a must for creating a shady chilling spot. Make sure the umbrella is big enough to sit or lay under. It also needs to be heavy enough to not blow away easily.

Sunscreen: This is a no-brainer, regardless of your complexion, so don’t just assume that one of your pals is going to pack this essential item. Just because you don’t get sunburned, doesn’t mean you’re not damaging your skin in the long run. Cover up!

Beach Towel: Nothing can ruin a beach day like coming out of the water to sit on sticky, scratchy sand. To prevent this, bring a large beach towel to sit on and a separate one to dry yourself off. You can also use these as protection for your car’s seats when it comes time to drive home.

Bluetooth speaker: For those who enjoy music harmonizing with the crash of ocean waves, an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker can make for a great time. Look for these at department stores or even discount dollar stores.

Cooler: The options for beach coolers are endless. Whether you plan to have a picnic, sip some beers, or munch on chips and dip, a cooler is a must-have.

Sunglasses: Not only can the sun damage your skin on a fun day at the beach, but your eyes as well! Sunglasses are cheap and will protect your eyes from strain and strong sunlight exposure.

Baby Powder: Have you ever struggled to wipe the sand off your body when it’s time to go home? Never again! A sprinkle of baby powder will dry the sand, making it simple to dust off.

Magazine or a book: A beach checklist isn’t complete without something to read! Make sure you pack the next book on your to-be-reading list or a magazine to page through.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend at the beach and continue to use this beach checklist all summer long!

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