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Best Places to Get Your Car Serviced in Waldorf

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With cooler weather approaching, it’s important to prepare yourself, your home, and of course, your car! Many people don’t realize until they are well into winter that their car needs some kind of service done in order to function properly. Whether it’s an oil change, installation of new wiper blades or a battery check, discover these car mechanics in Waldorf when it comes time for you to get your car serviced.

The Importance of Getting Your Car Serviced

While we should always maintain the functionality of our cars, it is especially important in the colder weather. According to Consumer Reports, at 0 degrees a car battery has less than half of the power it has at 80 degrees! With that being said, you can either check the battery yourself or have it checked out by a mechanic. Additionally, we should replace our wiper blades more often than we think. Consumer Reports recommends that we replace wiper blades every 6 months for maximum clarity. It’s important to see out your windows in wintry weather conditions!

Another important part of your car to monitor is the heat. One, you don’t want to be freezing in your car and two, you want to make sure that the defrost works for your windshield. Lastly, you will want to check one of the most important parts–the engine! Motor oil thickens in the cold, which makes it difficult for your engine. If you take your car to one of the car mechanics in Waldorf, ask them to check your oil, and to check the hoses and radiator while they’re at it. Now that you know the importance of preparation, stop by one of these places to get your car serviced in Waldorf.

Boswell’s Auto Service

Having been open for 80 years, Boswell’s Auto Service offers highly qualified and experienced staff members to address your car’s needs. With the most up-to-date equipment, each technician is certified in a variety of fields of auto and body repair. They have 12 different service bays, and auto repair services for all models, foreign and domestic. Some of their services include transmission repair, tires, heating services, belts and hoses, and much more! Leaving customers pleased, many of their reviews state that they are a trustworthy business with reasonable prices and exceptional service. Additionally, they also have different specials listed on their website! If you’re looking for car mechanics in Waldorf, you’ll want to give Boswell’s Auto Service a call.

McGhee’s Auto Service

Open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, McGhee’s Auto Service offers automotive repairs in Andrew Air Force Base. Their expert technicians can provide a variety of services on many different cars. With high-tech equipment, they use only the highest quality parts for your vehicle. Some of their services include engine and transmission, breaks, electrical services, inspections, and much more. In addition to their multitude of car repair services, they also offer different coupons on their website. Many of their reviews from customers state that they are professional and honest, providing excellent work. Go on their website to request an appointment today!

Myers Auto Service

Since 1964, Myers Auto Service has provided Southern Maryland with top-notch auto care. Their employees are certified with ASE, which is Automotive Service Excellent, and you can expect nothing less. In addition to major and minor car repairs, they also offer 24-hour towing. Their services include car care such as oil and filter changes, heating and cooling repairs, as well as brake and exhaust/fuel systems. Whether you need a car inspection or have a particular service you need, Myers Auto Service is here to help!

It’s important to have your car serviced before the weather gets too cold and does some damage to your vehicle. Check out one of the car mechanics in Waldorf for professional, high-quality service from professionals!

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