am I ready for a pet

Am I Ready For a Pet?

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Animals make wonderful companions. Many people grew up with cats and dogs, so they hold a special place in our hearts. However, pet ownership requires a great deal of time, responsibility, patience, and financial resources. If you find yourself asking, “Am I ready for a pet?” follow this checklist of considerations we’ve put together. How many hours a day do …

use candles responsibly

How to Use Candles Responsibly in Apartments

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Candles provide a warm, gentle glow and fill your space with delicious scents of apple cinnamon, hazelnut, and lavender. But along with candles comes great responsibility. Candles left unattended can unexpectedly be toppled by your cat or swiped off the coffee table by your dog’s happily wagging tail. Even if you don’t have pets, irresponsible use of candles can lead …

why center pointe

Why Center Pointe?

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Finding a new apartment is exciting and fun, but it also requires a lot of research and planning to find the right fit. After residents move in to one of our luxury Waldorf apartments at Center Pointe, we ask them to complete a move in survey to ensure their satisfaction and to better serve our residents in the future. Here …

which center pointe floor plan is right for me

Which Center Pointe Floor Plan is Right For Me?

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The decision to live at Center Pointe is easy. But then comes the tough choice: Which Center Pointe floor plan should you choose? In this blog article, we’ll take a look at each of the floor plans and what you should consider when deciding which floor plan is right for you. 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath Our 1 bedroom / …

Waldorf apartment features

6 Waldorf Apartment Features Every Renter Should Look For

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When compared to the responsibilities of owning your own home, it’s obvious how convenient renting really is. Not only are renters safe from costly home repairs, they also have a variety of apartment features such as the luxury of an on-site maintenance team, helpful management, and a secure community. But can an apartment offer everything that you really need to …

stop your dog from being destructive

4 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Being Destructive

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You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Renters with dogs come home to find that their pet has torn up their sofa, a favorite pair of shoes, or (even worse) their flooring. Do you know how to stop your dog from being destructive? There are many reasons pets turn to destructive behaviors while their owners aren’t home. However, the most common …

girl with a drill being a loud neighbor and man can't sleep

4 Easy Ways to Practice “Good Neighbor Etiquette”

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There are dozens of benefits to living in an apartment home, one of which is the unique community that multifamily housing offers. But between work, family, and maintaining a social life, it can be hard to build positive relationships with your neighbors. Thankfully, transitioning from being a neighbor to a friend is much easier than most people think. Are you …