Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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April 22nd marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day. Starting in 1970, the purpose of Earth Day is to drive change amongst people in order to help the planet. This day brings individuals together to push for a plan of action that will help to save the Earth. Since Earth Day began in the 70s, the Earth Day Network has …

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A Gift Guide for Husband Appreciation Day

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April 18th is Husband Appreciation Day! While we should show appreciation for our loved ones every day, now is the time to show your special someone a little extra love. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, or significant other, how will you show them your appreciation on this special day? Luckily, we have created a gift guide for Husband Appreciation Day, …

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Stress Awareness Month: Take Care of Your Mental Health

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April is Stress Awareness Month. Given the recent circumstances, it is likely that you or someone you know is experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. Working from home, stressful work environments, and of course, social distancing and the coronavirus all influence our mental health. During these uncertain times, it is easy to feel anxious, stressed, and scared. However, there are certainly …

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Spring Reading List: Best Books to Read this Spring

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While practicing social distancing, it is tempting to hole up and binge Netflix all day. Normally after a long day at the office, you simply want to get home and sit in front of the TV. However, now that you’re spending more time at home than usual, it’s also important to have other activities to do besides watching TV and …

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Pasta Recipes for National Noodle Month

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March is National Noodle Month! Pasta is an easy and delicious meal to make, and with a variety of different styles, there is a recipe the whole family can enjoy. With some extra time on your hands, perhaps you can try to serve up something new for dinner to switch it up! Check out these pasta recipes for National Noodle …

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National Crafting Month: Crafts to Try

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Given the recent events, many of you may find yourselves with some extra time on your hands. While it may be easy to binge your favorite Netflix show, why not try something new? March is National Crafting Month, so what better time to pick up a new hobby? If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these crafts to …

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National Nutrition Month: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

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March is National Nutrition Month! Given the current happenings, it is important now more than ever to take care of your body. Whether it’s improving your diet or increasing the amount you exercise, there are plenty of ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Try these tips for a healthy lifestyle that you can implement into your everyday routine! Get Your …

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Why You Should Renew Your Lease at Center Pointe Apartments

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Time has come and gone, and now it may be time to consider renewing your lease with Center Pointe Apartments! Whether your lease is up soon or at some point down the road, there are plenty of reasons to renew your lease. Staying in the same apartment can save you effort, time, and of course, money. Additionally, Center Pointe offers …

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Homemade Dog Treats for National Love Your Pet Day

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February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Although every day is a day that is all about your pet, now is a day you can really celebrate. Maybe you’ll take your dog for an extra-long walk, or give him extra belly rubs. We know that pets are like a member of the family, and for that, we are so …

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Heart-Healthy Recipes for American Heart Month

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February is American Heart Month! The purpose of this month is to raise awareness about heart health and teach about the different ways that you and those around you can prevent heart disease. In fact, there are many ways to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. One of the most impactful ways to do so is to eat foods that encourage a …