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How to Do Date Night at Home

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Boxes of chocolate, cards, and maybe a fancy dinner or date night with your special someone. While going out to a nice restaurant can be fun, sometimes it’s overcrowded or expensive. Since getting a reservation can oftentimes be difficult, why not make your own special night at home? Doing …

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Try

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Smoothies can be a quick and easy breakfast or snack. Not only are they easy to make, but drinking smoothies is an easy way to incorporate some key nutrients into your diet. However, it’s important to know what kinds of ingredients actually make a smoothie a healthy one. In fact, adding only fruits could potentially lead to hyper-concentrated sources of …

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Head to the Awh Shucks Oyster Extravaganza

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Looking for something fun to do on Friday? You’re in luck! On Friday, January 24th, attend the Awh Shucks Oyster Extravaganza for fresh local oysters and local craft beer! From 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, head to Patuxent Brewing for a good time. You won’t want to miss all that this event has to offer! Get Your Oysters at the …

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Start the Year Off Right: Healthy Dinner Recipes

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We’re now a couple of weeks into the New Year, and many people have resolutions to eat better. Maybe you’ve strayed from your resolution a bit, and that’s okay! That doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. You can start resolutions at any point in time, so why not start today? Eating healthy can seem like a difficult …

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Winter Restaurant Week in Washington, DC

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Most people enjoy going out to eat, but with going out to eat comes the hardest part: deciding where to go. We’ve all been there, sitting around with our friends trying to grab dinner, but no one knows or cares where we go. If this sounds a little too familiar, you’re in luck. This week — January 13th to January …

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Ring in New Year’s Eve Near Waldorf

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Before we know it, Christmas will have come and gone. However, the fun doesn’t stop there! With 2020 right around the corner, and with Christmas being such a crazy time of year, you probably haven’t given thought to the dreaded question: What are your New Year’s Eve Plans? If you aren’t much of a planner or have no idea what’s …

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Holiday Dessert Recipes to Try

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Christmas is approaching quickly! Whether you’re hosting guests at your house or going to a holiday party, have you thought about what you might bring? All of the appetizers and the main course are always delicious. But what we can’t forget about is the most important and highly-anticipated course: dessert! Check out these holiday dessert recipes that will be a …

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A Magical Evening at Enchant Christmas in DC

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If you’re looking for a magical evening under sparkling lights, there is no better place than Enchant Christmas in DC. Explore the magical maze with beautiful sculptures or complete your shopping list at the Christmas market. The opportunities for an enchanted evening are endless here at Enchant Christmas. Book your tickets today to experience a real-life winter wonderland, right in …

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Homemade Holiday Gifts

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Holiday shopping can be difficult, whether you’re shopping for family members, friends, coworkers, or neighbors. Additionally, gifts for everyone can add up! This year, consider making homemade Christmas gifts. Not only will these save you a little money, but taking the extra effort and time shows a person how much you truly care about them. More thought is put behind …

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Mouthwatering Recipes Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year for family and friends to get together and enjoy a delicious meal and each other’s company. Whether your Thanksgiving dinner is made up of 5 people or 15 people, or maybe even more, there are always leftovers! It’s great to have endless leftovers of turkey, mashed potatoes and more, but sometimes, it’s more …