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Why You Should Renew Your Lease at Center Pointe Apartments

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Time has come and gone, and now it may be time to consider renewing your lease with Center Pointe Apartments! Whether your lease is up soon or at some point down the road, there are plenty of reasons to renew your lease. Staying in the same apartment can save you effort, time, and of course, money. Additionally, Center Pointe offers …

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Homemade Dog Treats for National Love Your Pet Day

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February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Although every day is a day that is all about your pet, now is a day you can really celebrate. Maybe you’ll take your dog for an extra-long walk, or give him extra belly rubs. We know that pets are like a member of the family, and for that, we are so …

how to be a good neighbor

How to Be a Good Neighbor in an Apartment Community

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National Neighbor Day is September 28th. Now may be a good time to ask yourself…are you a good neighbor? Living in an apartment means being extra considerate of your neighbors, since you are so close in proximity. Be sure to consider those above, below, and beside you! Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbor, so your …

spring cleaning your apartment

Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

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It may feel like summer, but it’s still technically spring until June 21st. That means you still have about a month to get started on spring cleaning your apartment. To help you get started, here are a few tips on how to get your apartment sparkling clean. Spring Cleaning Your Apartment in 9 Easy Steps Wipe down windows with a …

home workout

Get Your Heart Rate Up with These Home Workout Exercises

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Greetings, fitness lovers! If you liked our first article about simple exercises you can do at home, we’re back again with even more. These home workout exercises are easy to perform in the comfort of your own apartment at Center Pointe or outside in our beautifully landscaped grounds. Keep reading for some ideas on how to get your blood pumping …

how to get along with a roommate

Tips on How to Get Along with a Roommate

Center Pointe Apartments Apartment Living

If you’re thinking about getting a roommate, whether it be your best friend or a stranger, read our tips for how to get along with a roommate first! They focus on some areas that most commonly lead roommates to have arguments. Fortunately, you can easily avoid most fights if you clearly set boundaries and expectations up front. If you already …

decorating your apartment

5 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment with Your Own Unique Style

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Decorating your apartment to reflect your unique personality, hobbies, and passions can be a whole lot of fun. When it’s all finished, you’ll have a place you can look forwarding to coming home to each day. Furthermore, it makes it feel like home and allows your guests a peek into who you are. If you’re wondering how you can transform …

plants for apartments

6 of the Best & Easiest Plants for Apartments

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Adding plants can be a great way to make your apartment more inviting, but to have success with houseplants, it’s important to choose the right kind of plants. We’ll not only tell you about some of the great benefits of growing plants in your home, but will also tell you about six of the best houseplants for apartments. And the …

holiday gifts for pets

Holiday Gifts for Pets

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Our pets may not understand what makes the holidays so special, but we surely do. Don’t let holiday parties and vacation time keep you from showing your little friend some extra love. If you still haven’t thought about what to get your dog, cat, or fish, we have some excellent ideas of holiday gifts for pets to inspire you! Big, …

national cat day

5 Purrr-fect Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

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This year, National Cat Day will be celebrated on October 29th. We have a lot of cat lovers and feline tenants at Center Pointe Apartments, so we thought now is the purrr-fect time to shed some fur — I mean, light! — on this holiday. National Cat Day was founded in 2005 to increase awareness about homeless cats. Its two goals are to celebrate cats …