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Closet Organization Tips

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Have you ever opened your closet slowly to avoid being buried under an avalanche of clothes? Do you step over your shoes more than you step into them? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to organize your closet. Read on for some closet organization tips!

Tips to Organize Your Closet:

  1. Get a shoe organizer. Usually made of either fabric or metal, both types offer models that hang from doors, but you can assemble some metal organizers to stand on their own. Fabric organizers utilize large pockets, and metal organizers provide racks for shoe storage. Both styles keep your shoes off the floor and together in one place.
  2. Consider organizing your clothes by type and season. You can accomplish this in several ways. You could organize clothes by style (all dress shirts together, all pants together, all shorts together, etc.), by color, or by formality (fancy clothing vs. casual clothing). After categorizing, use plastic bins or old comforter bags to store out-of-season clothes under your bed.
  3. Hook a towel rack over your closet door. Use them to store scarves by draping them over the hooks or hang lighter clothing.
  4. Purchase special hangers that let you hang multiple items of clothing from each one if your clothing racks are sturdy. Some hangers have four slots!
  5. Use stick-on hooks to hold necklaces and handbags. This allows your jewelry and purses to double as decorative pieces for your room.
  6. Buy a clothing organizer that hangs from your clothing rack. Use it to plan outfits ahead of time or store large items like jackets.
  7. Roll your clothes before putting them in drawers. This will not only save you space, but also prevent wrinkles and make packing for trips effortless.
  8. Donate clothes you no longer wear. There’s a Salvation Army located at 12025 Trade Zone Ct.

With these closet organization tips, you can spend more time wearing your clothes and less time trying to find them.

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