combining your decorating style with your significant other’s

Combining Your Decorating Style with Your Significant Other’s

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So you’ve decided to move in with your significant other. How exciting! As wonderful as living with your partner can be, it’s a little tricky at first, especially when it comes to decorating. Combining your decorating style with your significant other’s can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the same tastes. Sometimes opposites attract, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that two opposing decorating styles can’t mesh well together. If you prefer a more minimalistic approach to home decor while your partner adores color and all things vibrant, it’s important to find balance. Arguing over throw pillows, paint colors, and the exact position of the bed is almost a rite of passage in a relationship, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the conflict altogether? Moving in with someone is a pretty big lifestyle change, so adjusting may take some time. Planning ahead and forming a decorating plan can help prevent added stress during the transition period.

Here are some tips on how to combine your decorating style with your significant other’s.

1.) Compromise

Like any part of a relationship, compromise is key. If your partner really despises those curtains, maybe you can sacrifice them and keep the antique bookshelf instead. Choose the pieces that you really love or have an attachment to, like a family heirloom. Forgo the IKEA desk from your college apartment to keep your partner’s hand-built desk that’s been passed down for generations. If you can’t reach an agreement, go out and find something together. Browse thrift shops, consignment stores, or go antiquing to find a unique piece of furniture or decor that you both love. You’ll have fun and add a special touch to your new home!

2.) Find Inspiration

Combining your decorating style with your significant other’s certainly isn’t an easy process. If you can’t come to a conclusion about how to mesh your personal styles together, then perhaps you should consider finding a new style that you both enjoy. Look for ideas on Pinterest, HGTV, or Instagram for house decorating ideas. Find inspiration and create your own style together.

3.) Stay Calm

When you’re first moving in with someone, it’s exciting, invigorating, and a completely new experience. However, it can also be challenging for people to transition from living alone to sharing everything together. Stressing out about combining your decorating style with your significant other’s is only going to strain the relationship in a somewhat delicate phase. How you handle moving in together is largely going to determine the path for the rest of your time together. It’s important to remember to stay calm. Fighting over a ratty old couch, decorative throw, or dinner plates isn’t going to solve anything. Put aside your differences and make compromises. When compromises aren’t working, go find something new together. But most importantly, have fun!

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