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6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions & Tips to Make Your Apartment a Haven for You & Your Guests

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If you’re looking for ways to keep your apartment clean that are safe for you, your family, pets, and the environment, look no furhter! We have some eco-friendly cleaning solutions to share with you.  After all, there’s no better feeling than coming home at the end of the day to a clean and neat apartment.

1.) Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions

People have been using products like vinegar and water for years to clean all types of surfaces, from countertops to wood flooring to windows. All you need is an inexpensive plastic spray bottle. Then, mix a solution of around a half-cup of vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water. It will make your laminate and wooden floors shine. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave residue like some cleaners. A lot of flooring manufacturers recommend using a vinegar solution over other products that can cause residue buildup, which actually attracts more dirt. It is fine to use either white or apple cider vinegar. Both are nontoxic and biodegradable, and also super affordable. Baking soda is another inexpensive household product that can be mixed with water to form an effective scrubbing paste. This can be useful in cleaning sinks and other surfaces. And of course, you can open a box and put in your fridge or next to the cat litter box to absorb odors.

2.) Buy Only Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Unlike a decade ago, there are countless eco-friendly options to choose from now when selecting cleaning solutions. Eco-Me, for example, is a company that offers all kinds of cleaners, ranging from dish soap to wood polish and carpet freshener. These products are made without harmful chemicals, fumes, sulfates, or perfumes and dyes. Ecos is another brand that make its earth-friendly cleaners from responsibly sourced ingredients. There are many others to choose from as well. Just type “earth-friendly cleaning products” or a similar phrase into your favorite Internet search engine.

3.) Use Washable or Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning because they have tightly woven fibers that are not only super absorbent, but they do an amazing job of picking up and trapping dirt. While they are typically made of mostly synthetic materials, they can be washed and reused over and over again. You can also purchase disposable cleaning cloths that can be reused many times before throwing them away. NatureZway Bamboo Perforated Towels, for instance, can be used and washed 100 times before tossing them out.

4.) Use a Hand-Held Steamer

Hand-held steamers are great because the steam alone kills germs while it lifts dirt, grime and grease. All you have to do is add water so no cleaners are necessary. They come in various brands, sizes, and shapes. Some are made for specific surfaces like floors, while others are for multiple cleaning purposes.

5.) Declutter

Regardless of how much you clean, your apartment still won’t look presentable until you’ve decluttered. This involves putting things in their proper places, getting rid of items like old junk mail and magazines that are lying around, and clearing off tables and other surfaces, and picking up items left on the floor. Recycle your clutter when you are able, and donate items you don’t need anymore for someone else to use.

6.) Decide When You’re Going to Clean

Keeping up with your cleaning on a regular basis prevents you from having to use harsh chemicals to break down tough grime and residue buildup. There are basically two schools of thought about making time to clean homes. One is that you schedule your cleaning on a particular day or time – such as a Saturday morning – and that you stick to household chores at that time on a consistent basis. When you totally focus on cleaning just for a couple of hours, you can really accomplish a lot in a short time.

The totally opposite school of thought says that you clean it when you see it! Basically, you do little cleaning chores immediately when you see something that needs to be done. That way things never get to the point of requiring a deep cleaning. For instance, you’re in the bathroom brushing your teeth and you notice your sink area looks a little messy. You straighten up and give your sink a quick clean with your eco-friendly cleaning solution that’s under the vanity. The job is complete by the time you brush your teeth!

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