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Holy Guacamole Day!

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September 16th is National Guacamole Day. The famous dip is present at many football parties and get-togethers. But do you know the origin of this popular dish?

Avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole, come from South Central Mexico. In fact, the word “guacamole” comes from the language spoken by the Aztec civilization – Nahuatl – and translates directly to “avocado sauce.” The Nahuatl version is āhuacamolli, in case you were curious.

The dish is made from mashed avocados mixed with various spices and vegetable chunks (ex. tomato, jalapeño, and onion). Lime juice is another common ingredient. People typically pair the spread with tortilla chips!

If reading about National Guacamole Day made your stomach rumble, we have some suggestions on how to celebrate this festive appetizer.

  1. Learn how to make guacamole.

    There are hundreds of guacamole recipes online, and the preparation process is super beginner friendly. The hardest part is picking out good avocados, and all you have to do is give the fruit in question a gentle squeeze. The easier it is to squeeze, the riper the avocado. Feel free to deviate from whichever recipe you’re following to tailor the guac to your liking.

  2. Buy avocado accessories.

    Patterned clothing is trending right now. Why not express your love of guacamole by purchasing an avocado printed shirt, bag, or umbrella? On craft websites, you can even find avocado jewelry.

  3. Visit a Mexican restaurant.

    If you want authentic guacamole made by experts, have a meal at a local Mexican eatery. While you’re there, ask about the history of other popular Mexican foods that Americans may not be fully knowledgeable about.

Have a Happy National Guacamole Day!

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