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How to Be a Good Neighbor in an Apartment Community

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National Neighbor Day is September 28th. Now may be a good time to ask yourself…are you a good neighbor? Living in an apartment means being extra considerate of your neighbors, since you are so close in proximity. Be sure to consider those above, below, and beside you! Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbor, so your life here at Center Pointe the best it can be.

Manage Noise Level

A simple way to practice good neighbor etiquette is to be aware of your noise level. For instance, if it’s 10pm on a Tuesday evening, that’s not a great time to blast music. Or at 7am on a Saturday morning, that’s not the time to rearrange your furniture or hammer some new artwork up onto the wall. Additionally, if you’re having a gathering, let your neighbors know in advance. Make sure that your guests understand the parking situation, and follow noise ordinances. You could even invite your neighbors to the party! No one is expected to be quiet at all times, but there are easy ways to make sure you aren’t disturbing others in the building.

Introduce Yourself

We’ve all been new to the neighborhood at some point or another. It can be lonesome if you don’t know anyone around you to some extent! If someone new moves in, be sure to at least introduce yourself. Instead of acting like strangers, a simple hello can break the ice and make someone new feel welcomed. Additionally, if you are the new neighbor, introduce yourself to the current tenants! You never know, you could make a new friend.

Share Information

If someone is new to the area, they may not know the ins and outs. Where to eat, where the nearest vet is, and the best hair stylists in the area is important to know! If someone new moves in, give them a list of every day need-to-know information to help them out. From the best restaurants in town, to the closest grocery stores, it’s a very neighborly thing to do!

Watch Your Pet

If you have a dog, be sure to pick up after it when you go on walks! Furthermore, be considerate of your dog barking often. Although you can’t necessarily control this, it’s something to keep in mind in an apartment community. Most people love furry friends, but it can become problematic with lack of control.

Offer to Help

Offering a helping hand can go a long way in building a positive neighborly relationship. If you see the newest resident struggling to move their couch up the stairs, ask if they could use a boost. When your neighbor is going on vacation for a week, offer to water their houseplants or feed their fish. You never know when you might need the favor returned, and you’ll help set the tone of what it means to be a Center Pointe resident.

With National Neighbor Day coming up, it’s important to remember that we should be good neighbors every day. Following these tips on how to be a good neighbor is a great place to start! Living in a strong community with friendly faces will help to improve your quality of life and maybe even bring you some new friends. For more tips on how to be a good neighbor, check out our blog on Good Neighbor Etiquette. 

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