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How to Do Date Night at Home

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means! Boxes of chocolate, cards, and maybe a fancy dinner or date night with your special someone. While going out to a nice restaurant can be fun, sometimes it’s overcrowded or expensive. Since getting a reservation can oftentimes be difficult, why not make your own special night at home? Doing a date night at home can be a creative way to show your loved one that you care because it takes a little more thought behind it. Check out these different ideas for date night at home!

Game Night

Bring out your inner child with a game night! Set out some appetizers and crack open a cold one or pour a glass of wine. There are plenty of games that are perfect for two people. Get a deck of cards and play Gin, Rummy, War or Blackjack. Or, play a traditional board game —Monopoly, Bananagrams, and Scrabble are all great options. Jenga is another fun game that can be played with two people! Perhaps you can have a few options on hand so that when one game gets old, you’re onto the next. Game night is a fun, laidback way to enjoy a date night in.

Travel-Themed Meal

We all want to travel, but sometimes our lives get in the way. Things like finances and jobs can prevent us from jetting off to wherever we want! However, for date night, why not have a travel-themed meal? Have a night in Italy and whip up some homemade pizza for a fun and delicious date. Or, learn how to make sushi for a Japanese-themed meal. Is there anywhere you’ve been dying to visit? Look up some of their most famous meals and make them with your loved one! This is a fun way to spend time together and enjoy whatever meal you create.

Create a Bucket List

Whether it’s for 2020 or the rest of your days together, creating a bucket list is a creative way to get the fun going. Discuss what you want to do, your dreams, and your goals. Then, next time you don’t know what to do on a Saturday, visit your list! This will give you ideas for the days to come, and writing things down typically helps to make dreams a reality. If you don’t want to make a bucket list, you could even make a list of restaurants you want to try together or a list of places you want to visit. Whatever it is, your list will give you date ideas in the future.

Movie Marathon

There aren’t many days we can spend hours on end watching movies. However, for this date night in, have a movie marathon! Pick your favorite movie series — maybe it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious, or any of the Marvel movies. Or, perhaps you’re a Harry Potter fan. No matter what you choose, pop some popcorn, set out snacks and drinks, and get to watching!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

For all of you who have a sweet tooth, this date is right up your alley. Set up an ice cream sundae bar at home! Gather different flavors of your favorite ice cream, and purchase any topping you can think of. Each of you can then whip up your best ice cream sundae, and enjoy them together for a tasty dessert. Who says you can’t have ice cream for dinner?

Going out for Valentine’s Day is fun, but there are plenty of ways to do an equally memorable Valentine’s date night at home! There are so many ways to get creative for a fun and romantic night. Put some thought into what you and your partner will have the best time doing, and give it a try.

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