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Ideas for How to Spend Your Holiday Money

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Did you receive holiday money this year, but not sure how — or when — to spend it? Getting money for the holidays is always nice because you can choose exactly how you want to use it! But let’s say you already got that scarf you had your eye on, and your sock drawer is stuffed full. On the off chance you don’t already have a plan for your holiday money, here are a few ideas.

1) Redecorate a Room in Your Apartment

How about investing your holiday money into new home decor? Redecorate a room in your apartment by switching out curtains, a rug, furniture, or artwork. If you’re feeling uninspired at home, redecorating can help motivate you and give you a renewed sense of energy. Plus, redecorating is fun! Turn on some music and let your creative side take over. Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx are great places to find affordable home decor. Thrift shops and antique stores are the best places to find hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind pieces.

2) Put it Toward a Loan Payment

Although paying off debt might not be the most enjoyable way to spend your holiday money, it’s certainly rewarding! Imagine the financial freedom you could have if you were to get out of debt or pay off a credit card. You can compromise and use most of your holiday money towards a loan payment, but save a little bit for yourself too! Reward yourself for paying off some debt.

3) Choose a Charity to Support

Sometimes we already have everything we need. Giving to others is a great way to spend your holiday money and spread kindness. Choose an organization you want to support with a mission that’s meaningful to you. Whether you feel called to help homeless animals, at-risk teens, or an international organization, every chance you get to contribute to an important cause is money well spent.

4) Save it for a Summer Shopping Spree

With the holidays, there’s typically a lot of gift-giving and present opening happening. Instead of having all the fun at once, consider saving it to spend during the summer. Need a new swimsuit and beach towel? Save up that holiday cash so you’re ready for vacation!

5) Take a Trip Somewhere New

Take that holiday money you have burning a hole in your pocket and travel someplace new! Stop dreaming of going on that weekend getaway and actually make a reservation. Grab your significant other or a group of friends and hit the road. Travel locally or splurge and go on an international adventure.

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