Crazy for Kale: Recipes to Try

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In recent years, kale took the culinary world by storm. Now almost everyone has heard of this green, leafy vegetable that seemed earn its own bin on salad bars overnight, right next to the spinach and romaine. Kale is praised for its nutrient density and crunchy texture. In just one cup of raw kale, you get 206% of your daily value of Vitamin A, 684% for Vitamin K, and and 104% of Vitamin C! But salads aren’t the only way to consume kale. Here are some kale recipes to add to your cookbook.

Kale Recipes

Kale Smoothies

Smoothies are highly versatile and can consist of whatever you like! You can make a green smoothie with just kale, spinach, chia seeds, and apple juice, or you can make a more traditional fruit smoothie with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries with kale thrown in for that extra vitamin boost.

Sautéed Kale

Rinse and dry two bunches of kale. Then add two tablespoons of olive oil and some thinly sliced garlic to a skillet cooking over medium heat. When the garlic begins to brown, add the kale, flipping it to coat it thoroughly with the oil. Cover the pan, and let it sit for five minutes. Remove from heat, season with salt and pepper, and serve immediately after.

Kale Chips

Set your oven to 275 degrees F. Chop the stalks off of your kale so only the leafy parts remain. Cut the leaves into 1.5 inch pieces. Toss with olive oil and salt and pepper, and bake until crisp.

Kale Pasta

Boil half a package of spaghetti, adding salt to taste. While your pasta is cooking, cut the stalks off of three bunches of kale leaving just the leafy parts. Tear these into two inch pieces, and cook the pieces in boiling water until they are bright green and soft. Rinse the kale under cold water after it finishes cooking. In a separate pot, sauté four smashed garlic cloves with ¼ cup olive oil until the cloves turn golden. Add the kale, stirring often until the color changes from bright green to dark green. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add the spaghetti, making sure to generously ladle some of its cooking water into the kale mixture so that a sauce forms. When a thin sauce has formed, turn off the heat and serve immediately.

We hope you enjoy incorporating these kale recipes into your repertoire!

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