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¡Olé! ¡Olé! It’s National Margarita Day!

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This year, National Margarita Day is on Friday, February 22nd. If you want to learn more about the history of the drink, as well as some suggestions on how to celebrate this holiday, you came to the right place!

Margaritas consist of tequila, Triple sec (a sweet orange-flavored liqueur), and lemon or lime juice. While several bartenders claimed to invent the cocktail, the general consensus is that the ritual followed for drinking tequila by itself eventually evolved into the drink now known as the margarita.

When tequila is consumed without accompaniment, one licks a dash of salt before drinking the alcohol. Then, they suck a piece of lemon or lime afterward to neutralize the taste. Legend holds that this ritual gave way to the modern margarita which is famous for its salty rim and lemon or lime juice base. This popular cocktail invented in the 1930’s or 1940’s now comes in many flavors including strawberry, mango, watermelon, and pomegranate. A bartender in the 1970’s invented the frozen version of the drink when he experimented with a soft serve ice cream machine.

Here are some ways to celebrate National Margarita Day:

Learn to make margaritas.

Luckily, the recipe is incredibly simple. You only need one slice of lime, salt, ice, tequila, Triple sec, lime juice, and a cocktail shaker. Start by running the lime wedge around the rim of your glass of choice. Then, dip the rim of your glass in salt until fully coated. Pour tequila, ice, and lime juice into the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Finally, strain your cocktail into your glass and decorate it with the lime wedge. All done!

Buy margarita printed merchandise.

If you love patterned fabric, consider purchasing a margarita printed handbag, tie, or button-down shirt. The fun print will remind you that it is always 5 o’clock somewhere and vacation is right around the corner.

Visit a local bar for deals.

If you have a favorite weekend hang-out spot, ask them if they have any specials for National Margarita Day. You never know what fun variations of the drink they may have, and it never hurts to ask.

The team at Center Pointe Luxury Apartments wishes you a Happy National Margarita Day!

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