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Celebrate National Watermelon Day

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National Watermelon Day is on Friday, August 3rd this year. To learn more about this summery, beautiful fruit that is 92% water, keep reading!

Watermelons were first cultivated in the Nile River Valley, and seeds of the fruit have been discovered in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Today, there are over 1200 different varieties of the crop that range drastically in color, size, and taste. Japan, for example, produces cube shaped watermelons.

Ways to Celebrate National Watermelon Day

Now that you know a few facts about this sweet fruit, here are some suggestions on how to celebrate National Watermelon Day.

  1. Make a watermelon smoothie. While no one has ever gone wrong by throwing a few chunks of watermelon into a blender, jazz up your beverage by adding a dash of honey, pieces of other summery fruits (like mango), and herbs like mint and lemongrass. Try this recipe and customize it to your liking!
  2. Buy watermelon-themed merchandise. Summer is the season for bright colors and funky prints. Fruit patterned clothing is currently in style, so why not invest in a watermelon t-shirt or baseball cap? For a more subtle accessory, consider a watermelon necklace or scarf. Include your pup in the celebration by adorning them with a watermelon-patterned collar or bandana!
  3. Learn to carve watermelon rinds. Fruit sculptures are fascinating to both create and observe. Embrace your inner creativity by transforming compost scraps into impressive works of art. YouTube is your best friend for watermelon carving tutorials and inspiration.
  4. Attend a National Watermelon Day event. On August 4th, the City Tap Hour Dupont in Washington, DC (1250 Connecticut Avenue Northwest) is celebrating the holiday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The business will sell watermelon flavored beers and serve sangria out of watermelon punch bowls. Additionally, there will be a watermelon eating contest with a raffle drawing for all participants. For more information, register for the event here.

We hope you spend this Friday enjoying this delicious delight!

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