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New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

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When we think of the holiday season, we often think of traditions, memories from childhood, and stories that have been passed down for generations. This year, why not switch it up a bit? New holiday traditions can be especially meaningful if you start them with people who have entered your life in the last year, whether that be a new close friend, significant other, or even a new neighbor! If you’re looking for ideas for new holiday traditions, the team at Center Pointe has a few suggestions.

Play White Elephant or Secret Santa

Rather than purchasing all of your friends and family members gifts, organize a White Elephant gift exchange. Everyone buys one gift to give to someone else and conceals their gift in a bag or wrapping paper. Usually these gifts are around the same price point to keep things fair. Each person picks a number out of a container, and the person with the lowest number gets to pick a present from the pile first. Next, the person with the second highest number can either pick a new gift or steal the gift from the first person. Continue the game until no presents on the pile remain. Gifts can only be stolen twice, and only the person who currently has a turn can steal a gift.

For a Secret Santa gift exchange, ask all participants to fill out a piece of paper with their name and a few gift ideas they would appreciate. Decide on a spending limit ahead of time. Put all of the names into a pot, and have each person draw a name a few days before your gathering. If you don’t all live near each other, one person may need to be the organizer and facilitate the name drawing and dispersal process digitally. Keep whoever’s name you draw a secret, and shop for them based off of their wishlist. On the day of the gathering, bring the gift you purchased and give it to the person whose name you drew, revealing yourself as their Secret Santa.

Both of these gift exchange options allow you to focus more time on creating memories and enjoying the season, rather than scurrying around, trying to find something for everyone on your list.

Make Care Packages for a Local Shelter

Consider adding an altruistic element to your holiday gatherings. Have each person bring an item that a less fortunate person may not have access to. These items can be toothbrushes, washcloths, warm socks, or travel-size deodorants, but check with your local shelter or relief center to see what specific items they need. After exchanging gifts, form a long assembly line to pack the items into large Ziploc bags for easy delivery. Incorporating this new holiday tradition into your yearly celebration helps put our many blessings into perspective.

Make Homemade Ornaments

If your family or roommates decorate a holiday tree, consider making custom ornaments together. There are all kinds of how-to guides on the internet that require a variety of different materials. Whether you want to bake, glue, paint, or knit your ornament, a you can easily find a craft guide that will help you create something special.

You can also start the new holiday tradition of making ornaments to give as gifts. Each year, you make a different ornament. Friends and family will eventually fondly look at the collection of ornaments you’ve given them over the years — each ornament sparking memories of special events and moments from that year.

We hope these suggestions inspire you to create new holiday traditions to share with those you love. After all, the traditions you keep are only as meaningful as the people with whom you share them. Happy Holidays!

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