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Workouts to Do with a Partner

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Did you know that one of the best ways to maintain a new habit is to have someone keep you accountable? Working out is no exception, and exercising with a significant other, friend, or neighbor can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Without further ado, here are three exercises for partner workouts.

Partner Workouts

High-Five Push-Ups

Both partners lay on the ground in front of each other on their stomachs with their heads facing each other. Then, they place their palms flat on the floor slightly wider than their shoulders at 90-degree angles. Keeping their backs flat, both partners use their arms to lift up from the floor, keeping their legs hip-distance apart and propping themselves up on their toes. As the partners rise, they give each other a cross-body high-five before lowering themselves to the floor again. Partners should alternate hands and complete 20 repetitions of this exercise. If performing this exercise on your toes is too intense, you can drop down to the tops of your knees with your heels curled in toward your glutes.

Sit-up Tosses

This exercise requires a medicine ball or a ball of similar size. Once again, both partners lay on the ground in front of each other. This time, their feet face each other, slightly wider than hip distance, and keeping their knees slightly bent. There should be about two feet of distance between the two partners.

One partner holds the ball with both hands above their head and throws the ball to the other partner while raising themselves to a sitting position. The other partner also raises to a sitting position and catches the ball. Both partners lie back down, and the partner who now has the ball taps it on the floor above their head before returning to a seated position and tossing it back to the original partner. The partners should raise and lower themselves in sync with one another and complete 12 repetitions.

Partner Hamstring Curls

The two partners kneel in front of each other facing the same direction. Both partners flex their feet so that only their toes are touching the ground. Then, whichever partner is behind the other grabs onto the ankles of the other one, pressing them into the ground. The partner whose hands are free slowly lowers themselves onto the ground in front of them. This partner should keep their body in a straight line and stop lowering them self once they reach a push-up position. Then, they slowly raise themself up by flexing their thigh muscles, returning to the starting position. After 15 repetitions, the partners switch places.

Complete this partner workout circuit three times. We hope you and your workout buddy find these exercises useful. Remember, health is a habit, and working out with a partner is one of the best ways to stay accountable!

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