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Tips for Practicing Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season

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This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, November 22nd. The family-oriented holiday evokes images of delicious dinners, brightly colored leaves, and hours of Christmas tree decorating the day after. While nothing is wrong with any of these images, it’s important to recognize the benefits of reflecting on the holiday’s original purpose – gratitude. If you’re looking for new ways to start practicing gratitude, here are a few suggestions.

Keep a journal.

Journaling is not a novel idea, but it is an excellent way to form a habit of practicing gratitude. You can journal whenever you have time, or you can make the activity part of your daily routine. If you go for the second option, try to write a few sentences every day about something that made you feel grateful. This will be easy on good days. On bad days, you may just be grateful that the day ended. The purpose of journaling is to recognize that there is always something to be grateful for. Of course, you can also write down worries, ideas, and other interesting thoughts you may have.

Make a gratefulness jar.

This idea is similar to the one above it. Every day write down one thing you feel grateful for on a scrap of paper. Date every scrap and store all of them in a mason jar. (Feel free to decorate the jar to your liking.) One year to the date of writing the first scrap, open the jar and read everything you have written. We guarantee you’ll feel inspired to start a new jar.

Call someone you’re grateful for.

Life is busy, and sometimes we forget to acknowledge the people that make us feel our best. Avoid falling into this trap by taking a few minutes to call a loved one and thank them for being in your life and making you a better person.

Throw a gratefulness party.

Keep this separate from your regular Thanksgiving celebration. Invite some friends over for an informal meal or tea party. Have everyone bring a memento that reminds them to be grateful or of something they are grateful for. After eating, everyone should share their memento with the rest of the company.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we’re grateful for all of you, our amazing residents. We hope this article about practicing gratitude passes some of that gratefulness onto you.

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