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Are You Still Trying to Decide Whether to Get a Real or Artificial Tree?

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Thanksgiving has come and gone and time is fast running out to put up that holiday tree — whether it be a real or artificial tree. But which is better? If you’re having trouble deciding, we have a simple comparison of the pros and cons of each for you.

Real or Artificial Tree? Here are the Pros and Cons:

Pros of Real Holiday Trees:

  • First off, they smell great! Nothing says the holidays like coming in from the cold and being greeted by that fresh pine or cedar scent.
  • Next, contrary to some beliefs, cutting down holiday trees isn’t detrimental to the environment. That’s because they are farm raised, so once they are harvested, they are usually replanted with new saplings. And during the years that the trees are growing on the farm, they help clean the air and provide a temporary habitat for wildlife.
  • By purchasing real trees, you are doing your part in helping to support the farming economy and provide jobs, which keeps the land in use and prevents it from being developed into mega malls and factories.
  • Taking the family to go pick out a tree can be a fun holiday tradition for everyone.
  • Since trees are obviously biodegradable, they are easily recycled into mulch.
  • Lastly, some tree farms sell holiday trees with their roots, so they can be replanted after the holidays are over.

Cons of Real Holiday Trees:

  • To maintain a healthy tree, you need to make sure to water it, because once it dries out, it’s a lost cause. This seems simple enough, but imagine the horror of your beautifully decorated tree turning brown just before the big day—yikes. Dry trees are also fire hazards.
  • Another thing which is unavoidable is needle drop. If your tree receives proper watering, this will be less of an issue. However, you may still be vacuuming up needles daily.
  • Sticky sap is yet another messy trait of the live tree. This may get on you and the flooring of your home when you move the tree, so it’s a good idea to wear gloves and cover the floor with old towels or blankets when setting up and removing the tree.
  • Finally, price is probably the biggest deterrent for most people, since many real trees cost up to a third of the price of a reusable artificial tree.

Pros of Artificial Holiday Trees:

  • First and foremost, you’ll save money going with an artificial tree. If you invest in a decent artificial tree, you should have it for many years. And since a nice live tree can cost up to a third of an artificial tree annually, you’ll be able to spend that extra cash on what goes under the tree.
  • Artificial trees are a far cry away from what they used to be. Now they can be as realistic as you want, and nice ones are almost indistinguishable from their live counterparts.
  • Artificial trees are lightweight, easy to assemble, and can even come pre-lit to help take the physical labor out of putting them up and lighting them.
  • Artificial trees reduce mess. You don’t have to worry about watering or needles dropping, which is an unavoidable headache when dealing with a live tree.
  • Finally, some contend that having a reusable tree for at least five years uses less energy and pollution than buying and recycling live trees every year.

Cons of Artificial Holiday Trees:

  • There is debate over whether artificial trees are in fact the greener option. Their production and shipping them from China (where most of them come from) produces pollution.
  • Most artificial trees are made from PVC, an oil-based plastic that is not biodegradable, which releases toxic dioxins over time that can cause serious health issues.
  • On top of that, since artificial trees are not biodegradable, once you toss them out, they will remain in a landfill for a very long time.

So now you are hopefully a little more informed in your decision about purchasing a real or artificial tree. If you already have a tree up this year, keep this in mind when the holidays rolls around next year.

Happy Holidays from Center Pointe!

Whether it is a real or artificial tree, the team at Center Pointe wishes you the best in finding that perfect tree to light up your holidays. Live in the center of it all in Waldorf, MD. At Center Pointe, we love providing our residents with helpful information to help them manage their busy lives. Our residents have easy access to shopping, entertainment, and great schools. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour and see why we are a Top Rated apartment community on ApartmentRatings!


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