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Simple Ways to Start Recycling TODAY!

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This year, America Recycles Day is Thursday, November 15th. The holiday was started in 1997 by the National Recycling Coalition. Furthermore, the celebration is renewed through a Presidential Proclamation each year. If you want to help the environment, then here are ways to start recycling!

Simple Recycling Steps

Use Center Pointe recycling bins.

For your convenience, there are recycling bins at each of Center Pointe’s community trash receptacles. Be sure to utilize these for items such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. To take your recycling to the next level, visit the Charles County website to learn what other types of materials are recyclable. The list even includes used cooking oil!

Buy recycled paper.

If you or anyone in your family is a student, you know the unbelievable amounts of paper that one test or note-heavy class can consume. Reduce your paper footprint by buying recycled paper, and recycle the paper you already use as well.

Put recycling bins around your home.

wherever you are likely to produce recyclable waste. Examples include next to your desk and in the kitchen. Laziness is a major reason why people choose not to recycle. By making recycling as easy as possible, as a result, you increase the probability that you’ll do it.

Use reusable bags for grocery shopping.

Rather than storing an ever-growing pile of plastic bags under your sink, invest in reusable shopping bags. Most major grocery stores sell them. They also hold more items than plastic bags!

Ask your favorite coffee shop or restaurant if they recycle.

Sometimes these places need a nudge to become eco-friendly. Let them know that their customers care about their environmental impact.

Advocate for recycling at your workplace.

If you notice a lack of recycling bins or recyclable items at work, speak up! It’s amazing the impact you can make when you go to a place every day and oversee small changes.

Reduce the amount of products you have to recycle.

Recycling is excellent, but creating less waste is even better. Avoid plastic plates and utensils. Additionally, try to buy products with minimal packaging.

We hope you found these ways to start recycling useful! With this in mind, you can begin recycling today.

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