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Socially Distant Activities To Try

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While America seems as if it is starting to open up again, it is still important to follow the guidelines of where you live. With that being said, social distancing has not come to a close! However, people are starting to get a little stir crazy by now if they haven’t already. While it’s tempting to kick the rules to the curb, there are plenty of socially distant activities to try!

Virtual Workout with Friends

Knock two things out at once — a workout and a hangout! Perhaps once a week, virtually get together with your friends. Have each person lead a different home workout each time! You can find a variety of home workouts on platforms like Pinterest. Not only will you get a good workout in, but you’ll feel more motivated to focus when your friends are holding you accountable. Afterward, chat and catch up! This is a great way to start or end your day — a great workout and some time with friends.

Play Virtual Games

Luckily, we live in a world where everyone can be constantly connected. If you’re feeling a little lonely and miss the social aspect with your friends, play games with them virtually! One fun way to do this is through Jackbox Games. With many games to choose from, your friends can simply connect with their phones to play. Different packages offer different games, but each is just as fun of the other! Call each other on Zoom or FaceTime, and play the game through your phone. While you won’t actually be together, you’ll feel like it’s a normal weekend game night.

Outdoor Activities

There are many outdoor activities that if done right, can be done while social distancing. Activities like kayaking, fishing, playing tennis, or hiking can allow you to get some energy out, while also getting your heart rate up. Of course, before you participate in any outdoor activities with anyone, make sure everyone involved is comfortable with what you’re doing! Additionally, make sure to stay a decent distance apart during your activity.

Have a Picnic

If you’re in need of some social connection, have a socially distant picnic with a friend! Each of you brings your own food, beverage, and something to sit on. Go to an open space, where you all can sit 6 feet apart! This way, you’ll be able to actually see them face to face instead of doing something over a computer screen.

While we see many places in the US opening up and start returning to normal business, it’s important to continue to be cautious and follow guidelines. With these socially distant activities, you can get creative with your friends and family so you can continue to stay safe and healthy.

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