What’s the Benefit of Energy Star Windows?

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It’s no secret that when winter comes to Waldorf, it arrives with a fury. Temperatures in the single digits are common, making winter the perfect opportunity to enjoy more time snuggled up at home. But without the proper insulation in your apartment, enjoying time at home may not be so enjoyable.

To help renters maintain an easy to heat and cool unit, Energy Star Rated windows are becoming popular in apartment communities throughout the East Coast.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the benefits of Energy-Star rated windows in your apartment.

What is Energy Star?

The Energy Star Foundation set out to create a more sustainable culture in the home improvement and construction industries. Since 1992, the foundation has helped people save roughly $362 billion on their utility bills while simultaneously reducing the amount of fossil fuels released into the environment.

How Can Windows Be Energy Efficient?

When you think of energy efficiency, windows are often one of the last household items that come to mind. Unlike “standard” windows (which are constructed from a single pane of glass), energy-efficient windows are crafted from layers of glass; these layers create air pockets between each sheet of glass which helps to prevent outdoor temperatures from affecting your home.

The Benefits of Energy-Star Rated Windows

Did you know that a home without Energy-Star Rated windows tends to have a 25% higher heating bill in the winter as a result of the heat lost through standard windows? Not only is this expensive for renters, it also negatively impacts the environment. This is because it requires more energy than necessary to heat homes. In the summer, Energy Star windows ensure the cool air from your AC system doesn’t escape through the windows.

Behind the Glass

Although energy-efficient windows aren’t one of the first things on most renter’s list of priorities, perhaps it should be. By living in an apartment community that prioritizes small features, management office is always on the lookout for improvements. It’s this thoughtfulness and progressive mentality “behind the glass” that really matters.

Have you noticed the only way to maintain room temperature in your apartment is by running the heater or air conditioner regularly? Then it’s likely that your home does not contain the latest insulation technology. Not only does inadequate insulation effect your quality of life, it also effects your utility bill and wallet.

If you’re tired of overpaying for utilities and still fighting to maintain a comfortable temperature in your apartment, consider moving into a better insulated unit when your lease ends. If you have any questions about the apartment units available in Center Pointe’s community, contact our leasing office for more information.

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