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World Poetry Day is March 21st: Celebrate by Reading & Writing Poetry!

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Throughout history, people have used poetry as a means of expressing what other forms of communication could not. From religious poems praising deities and the intimacy of Shakespeare’s beautiful sonnets to the racial commentary of Langston Hughes and the politically imbued verses of Pablo Neruda, poetry has documented and expressed humans’ deepest emotions.

This year, World Poetry Day will be celebrated on March 21, 2019. In honor of this noble holiday, here are some reasons why you should start paying more attention to poetry and perhaps even begin writing poetry yourself.

There’s a poem for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what you like to read or what emotion you may be feeling; someone has written a poem about it. This is great news for action lovers, nature fanatics, and people fascinated by magical, mysterious things. There are no limits, and your new favorite poem is just a quick Google search away.

You can learn about a society by reading the work of its famous poets.

The beginning of this article mentioned Langston Hughes, a cherished figure of the Harlem Renaissance, and Pablo Neruda, a world-renowned Chilean poet and diplomat. Both of these poets dissected the challenges of the world around them, and their works make an excellent read for beginners. Anna Akhmatova, Charles Bukowski, and Lucille Clifton are also great choices.

You can write your own poems.

Writing poetry is a freeing experience. While the process is not always relaxing (depending on the subject matter), the act of putting words to paper allows us to feel more in control of our emotions and may give us insight that we were previously lacking. Further, poetry can be anything you want it to be. Both a short three line piece and a multi-page epic saga are poetry. It’s up to you!

Some poems have fun structures to decode.

There are poems written in the shape of fish bowls, poems that have rigid syllable patterns, and poems with complex rhyme schemes. There are even poems that switch in and out of two different languages! Sometimes, the words themselves are just the beginning of the fun.

We hope you enjoyed this article inspired by World Poetry Day. Now go celebrate the holiday with a poem that enriches you.

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